Wednesday 16 March 2011

Doctor Octopus is born

Doctor Octopus with explosion in background, art by Steve Ditko

Art by Steve Ditko, Amazing Spider-Man Issue #3. Cover dated July 1963

From Kirby to Ditko, looking for something from Doctor Strange but eventually alighting on this scarlet bathed Spider-Man panel that features the birth of Doctor Octopus.  It's such a simple image so beautifully constucted.  Ditko has placed us in the heart of the explosion, the viewer also pushed back by the explosion, the redness searing our sight past anything but rubble and Otto Octavius, chaotically falling. But while the man Octavius is fully in thrall to the force of the explosion, note how the robot arms are not. Instead they are in control of themselves, in their element within this destructive force.


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