Friday 25 March 2011


Art by Frank Quitely, New X-Men #115. August 2001

Quitely and a couple of parachuting X-Men. I wanted to round out the week with a fairly contemporary image, something which spoke of colour to contrast the black and white of Eastman's Turtles.  I really should have credited colorist Hi Fi Design, because a lot of what makes this image work is due to the colour.  Which is to take nothing away from Quitely's composition, with the James Bond styling of Cyclops just right of the epicentre, pulling our eye to the glare on his, well I think we'll call that his backside. Quitely has Cyclop's feet at different angles, yet maintains the image in the reader's mind that Cyclops is a character that is all about control; he's a character who knows which way his feet are pointing. And Quitely has managed to pack all four elemental forces in here: the wind implied by the parachute which holds Cyclops in the air forcefully against the blast; fire raging from the explosion itself; rock enclosing the course of the river; and that waterfall. What a brave line Quitely uses to separate fire and water, it's a very thick line which implies either a sheer drop or a viewer blinded by an explosion.


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