Monday 21 March 2011

The Doom Patrol Die?

Panel from Doom Patrol issue 121 in which the Doom Patrol are at the time killed in an explosion

Art by Bruno Premiani, Doom Patrol volume 1 #121. October 1968

After the illusory death of Calvin, we move to the temporary death of the Doom Patrol. This is to date the most realistic scene depicted, it is a scene that could easily have existed in real life and the setting used by Premiani evokes a war comic.  It is also the first image I've used which gives voice to the explosion, the onomatopoeic KAWHOOOOOOOM to my ear missing a B. This panel must have been shocking at the time of publication, given our expectations that good guys survive, and Premiani's art carries the force of that impact in its brightly coloured, debris-full explosion.


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