Tuesday 15 March 2011

Toxl the World Killer

a panel depicting a planet exploding

Art by Jack Kirby, Weird Mystery Tales Issue #2. Cover dated September – October 1972

It's an early Kirby DC piece, but late in Kirby's overall career. And the page bursts with the energy presented. Again I'm thinking cinema, but this time I can't help but wonder what sort of debt Kirby is owed by the modern blockbuster; the cross pollination between the two mediums is perhaps worthy of greater study than I can afford here. The story from which Kirby's piece comes is minor in the totality of his career, but the amount of detail packed into the detailing of a planet's demise is immense. Kirby pulls no punches producing a sumptuous image of chaotic destruction. You can't help but wonder what visions he could so eloquently have expressed utilising today's colouring techniques. Truly a master.


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